Bick’s Driving School, Inc

3235  W. Galbraith Rd

Cincinnati, Ohio 45239


Commercial Drivers Training School Agreement In Person Class and Driving


Student Name ________________________________________________   Date _______________________


Address _________________________________________ City _________________    Zip ______________


Parent cell  # ________________  Student Cell #____________________      Date of Birth ________________ 


High School _________ After school activity_____________ Medical/Learning disability_______________


Classroom Training To Be Conducted At   3235 W. Galbraith Rd. _________________________________



24    Hours of Classroom at $___599.00


 8     Hours of In Car Training At $ _________  


Based on the Ohio Driver Training Curriculum:



Driving Experience __________ Yes   ____________ No if yes, How many hours   __________.

*must have 5 hours of driving before in car lessons start or $75 charge is assessed.


Student must complete all available training within six months of the date the contract was signed_____________.

If all training is not completed within 6 months you will have to repeat all training at an additional cost.

The Driving School shall furnish a Licensed Instructor and a Motor Vehicle for Instruction.

The Driving School Does Not Guarantee the Issuance of a Drivers License to the student.

Failure of the student to appear or cancel an appointment at a minimum of 24 hours an advance,  

For a scheduled driving lesson,  Must call before 12 pm on Saturday,  Closed on Sunday. Or failure to bring

Temp I.D. will be charged, A fee of   $75.00.  The Parent or Guardian, or the person having custody,

and the student, shall be liable to this Agreement.

Commercial Driving Schools are Licensed by the Department of Public Safety through the Ohio Traffic Safety

Office, 1970 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43223.

More info go to;

I Have Read, Understand and Received a Copy of this Agreement.


Student Signature ____________________________________________ Date __________________


Instructor Signature __________________________________________ Date __________________


Parent Signature _____________________________________________ Date __________________


Amount Paid Today $__________Remaining Balance $__________ Second Payment is Due before 1st Day of Driving,

If paid with check, Certificate will be held for 2 weeks, If payment is not paid all driving will be cancelled.  

Be Advised: A check Processing fee of $20.00 will be charged .For any returned checks.                 

  No Refunds. Also $15.00 charge for a new Certificate if needed .