Bicks Driving School, Inc.

3235 West Galbraith Rd.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45239.

(513) 931-6200


Acknowledgment and Waiver

I ___________________________ parent of ________________________ acknowledge that my son or daughter

will self check their temperature before each driving lesson and/or classroom lesson.

Also I will provide my child with a mask during class and/or  driving.

I understand that wearing a mask and taking ones tempurature is MANDATORY at this time.

 I assume all responsibility for my student while being in Drivers Ed with Bicks Driving School, Inc.

If your student shows any sign of Covid 19 symptoms they will be ask to leave and self-quarantine for 2 weeks.

 We apologize for the inconvenience during this time but we have to follow strict guidelines from the State of Ohio.


I have read and agree to all the guidelines listed above



Parent Signature