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How do I get my temporary learners permit?

Take the following documents to the License Bureau: your original birth certificate, social security card, any second form of ID, one of your parents, or a legal guardian to the exam station. You must first take the test. Then take the receipt to the License Bureau and purchase your temps.

When can I start your classes?

Teenagers must have their temps before starting class

What does the State of Ohio require?

The State of Ohio requires everyone under the age of 18 to take 24 hours of classroom and 8 hours of driving. Drive with Parents or guardian 50 hours

Do I need to take all 6 classes in a row?

No! Each class is a separate lesson. You can take each class however is convenient to your schedule. You must complete all 6 classes.

How is the class taught?

Our program is taught the old-fashioned way, with the instructor leading a discussion lecture on different teaching topics and using videos on topics that cannot be taught easily. Chapter quizzes are given for each lesson, and a final classroom test is given on your last class day.

When can I make my driving appointments?

When you are in the classes and show your temporary license, we can start to setup your appointments for behind-the-wheel instruction.

Are your instructors licensed?

The State of Ohio requires instructors to complete a 52-hour course of instruction. The State also checks their driving record and BCI and FBI for any criminal record. Our instructors have over 15 years of driving experience.

How long must I schedule each in car lesson for?

The common lesson is 2 hours.

Where does the student meet the instructor for driving?

Our instructor picks up the student at home or at school. After the lesson, the student is taken home, unless other arrangements are made or you live outside the territory.

How do I get my driverís license?

At the end of driving you will receive a certificate of completion. You must then schedule online at and choose which testing station and make a road test appointment.  We will go over this in class.

Can I use a Bick's car for the road test?

Yes, for an additional fee. You must call Bick's to find out an available day. Then call the testing station and make your appointment. Please call us back and let us know the time and date so we may reserve that date and time for you along with the vehicle. Not available at this time

Why choose Bick's Driving School?

Since 1967, we've trained over 150,000 new drivers in the Greater Cincinnati area. We've been around the block a few times, and we know what beginning drivers must learn as well as the best way to teach them.


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