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       The State of Ohio requires teenagers under the age of 18 to attend commercial driver's education.  They are required to complete 24 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.  In addition to this requirement, they must receive at least 50 hours of in-car practice with a parent or legal guardian.  (40 hours during the day along with  10 hours at night.
At this time students need temp permit before starting Class.  Over all takes about 3 months to complete.

     Key Benefits

Flexibility Of Scheduling

New Class Starts Every 2 weeks

At this time we will not be doing pick up for class or driving

Concise and Informative / Instructor Led Course

Optional - Vehicle Rental - Final Driver's Examination - Cone Rental - Maneuverability Practice

     Course Details

     Bick's can schedule all your training to fit your busy life style... school, sports or work.


       Bick's starts a new group every 2 weeks.  (6 Classes 4 Hours Each)

       Classes run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday , Monday, Tuesday the following week  (No Classes On Friday).

        Regular Schedule  -  Are offered from 5:00 pm till 9:15 pm.

        Winter Schedule  -  Are offered from  5:00 pm till 9:15 pm.

        Summer Schedule - Classes  are 10 am till 2:15 pm or 3:00 pm till 7:15 pm.

        ***  Note:  Parents MUST P/U on time ***

        Makeup classes are offered however students must provide their own transportation.

        Each class is a specific lesson plan and teenagers must complete all 6 classes.  Classes  do   not have to be taken in order. But can not start on last days.

       To start classes, simply call and schedule your first classroom date and time.  Consecutive classes maybe setup as you progress through the course.


     Students can schedule their behind-the-wheel instruction during their classroom training.

     Behind-the-wheel instruction is taught 1 - on - 1.     (Instructor / Student Only)

     All behind the wheel must be completed 6 months from the first day of class.

     Instructors will teach the basic driving skills through demonstration and through the use of "The Running Commentary." The student will have the chance to learn and practice the maneuverability test.

     Students are required to drive 4 times 2 hours each.

     Other options are available upon request / approval based on circumstances.

     Students MUST have taken their written examination through the BMV exam station, and passed.  They  must then purchase a Learners Permit.  Students will be required to carry their Learner's Permit with them, whenever operating a motor vehicle with their parent, guardian, or driver's ed instructor.  Behind-the-wheel instruction is RESERVED.  Any cancellations or changes MUST be confirmed within 24 hrs. of the student's appointment time. Cancellation fees will apply.

     Once the student has completed both requirements, the 6 classroom sessions and 8-hours of in-car driving and passed their final written classroom exam, they will receive a Certificate of Completion which will be necessary to schedule and take their driving exam which they will be required to schedule with one of the local test stations.    

     Pick-Up and Take Home service  is canceled at this time. Due to fuel prices.


     Text Reference / Instructor Lectured Course:

     The teenager course covers 12 lessons going over key subjects and emphasized through instructor lectured classes.  Students will have individual exercises that deepen the comprehension and retention of safe driving skills and practices.  Students will also view videocassette presentations.

     Optional - Vehicle Rental:

     Students who have purchased our program and have successfully completed the course, may choose to rent a Bick's vehicle and instructor, at an additional rate, to use on the day of their final driver's examination appointment.  The rental is for a 2 hour time frame.  The instructor will pick-up the student, the student will drive to a practice lot before their test and have the opportunity to practice the maneuverability test.  The student will then drive to the exam station and have the use of the vehicle for their test.  After the test, the instructor will drive the student back home or back to school.( Local schools and area only)

     Availability and Pricing:

     Please call our office for class availability, Price $629.00  You bring to and from class and driving. Students are  not required to wear a mask if vaccinated.     No other discounts available at this time.   There will be a $100.00 cancellation fee without a 48 hour notice. 

     Course Outline:

     During the students classroom training, we will go over the following subjects:

     +++  New Laws, Driving Responsibilities, Your Driver's License, Signs, Signals, Roadway Markings, and Point Law , Distracted Driving law.

     +++  Basic Vehicle Controls, Seatbelts, Steering, Backing, Lane Changes, Defensive Driving, Smith System, IPDE, Yielding the Right of Way, Organ Donation

     +++  Controlled / Uncontrolled Intersections, Railroad Crossings, Urban Driving, Rural Driving, Final Road Test Expectations

     +++  Expressways, Effects of Driver's Condition, Speeding, Road Rage, Adverse Driving Conditions, Handling Emergencies

     +++  Alcohol / Drugs and Driving, Traffic Laws of DUI's / OVI's, Coping with Peer Pressure

     +++  Buying and Owning a Vehicle, Insurance, Enviromental Concerns, Final Classroom Exam  





Credit Cards Gladly Accepted      A 2% Convenience Fee Will Be Charged.


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