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   Of course it is !  You place them in the best schools, choose the best courses, and buy the best school supplies.

   So then, shouldn't you choose the best education you can purchase for their driver's education.

Office hours 11 to 5 Monday through Thursday.

Phones open Friday 10 to 3



1. Each student must self check  their temperture each day before class and/or driving this is MANDATORY. Parents will have to be responable for  their child,  If they have a fever please contact us as early as possible and there will not be a fee for canceling. Students with a fever will be required to quarentine for 2 weeks or have a negative covid  test or Doctor.s note before returning to the training .

In order to not raise prices due to the economy, we will only be offering very limited pick up and take home services for in car lessons.

We are accepting online certificates  Price $729.00


Click link for practice temps test



     Since 1967, Bick's has trained over 100,000 new drivers in the Greater Cincinnati area.  We are a community based school.  Ask your friends where they took their driver's education and go with the school that has the reputation for caring about your teen.  You can find cheaper prices but don't take a chance with your teens life.  We have the tools and the experience to teach your child.


     Bick's Driving School will provide each student with quality driver's education.  Our Goal is to treat all students like they are our own.  We expect all of our students to leave Bick's with the confidence they need to drive on all roads Safely & Defensively.

Call now to sign-up   (513) 931-6200



Credit Cards Gladly Accepted      A 2% Convenience Fee Will Be Charged.



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